There’s nothing quite like walking into a restaurant full of fine etiquette, polished counters, tables set to perfection, and pride personified in each of the wait staff whose pleasure, really, is to gift you the experience of this fine food — from start to finish.

The art of it is so well done, it is totally comfortable.

That’s what greeted me when I stepped foot into Le Galopin.

I was early — dinner is at 7, Madame.

Oui, but may I have an apero?

But of course.

Kir, svp …

Which came with a plate of freshly cut, hand picked charcuterie, freshly made rillettes of who knows what seafood mix but it was divine.

I was content before I started…

What a find.

The menu, the carte, was organized in a way that catered to people coming in simply for a hot plate of delicious food — brasserie style — to a three course menu to a five course — with variations of the same specialties woven throughout.

Personally? I opted for the middle ground and went for the favorites — first course carpaccio with artichoke hearts and dried figs — it could have been my main, and enough. It was a plate of perfection from the texture of the meat, the flavor, the seasoning and dressing — each bite new.

But no; I’d ordered the MENU SAVEUR with three courses; first, main and dessert…

Next came magret de canard rôti aux griottes, salsa de légumes … which translates to roast duck breast (rare) with morels, and salsa de légumes.

Never mind the hot, wild cherries in the clear red lake of a sauce that surrounded the forest — that’s not even mentioned. It’s simply understood as part of the landscape.

It tasted like the woods …

The salsa of vegetables? A perfect cake of greens … topped with fresh steamed spinach leaves and a scattering of garden peas, all adorned with a ribbon of hot steamed carrot …

Dessert … Noix de coco dressed in a creamed chocolat noir…
I could not finish it.


That too was organized to serve. Full bottles, half bottles, and ’50 cl’ which I thought would be in a pichet but not — it was in its own bigger-than-half bottle and superb.

One of the trademarks of a great restaurant is the clientele. First, that there is one, overflowing out the door. Second, each is greeted like a friend.

And last but not least? Everyone there loves what they’re there for.

This is true from a creperie to brasserie to a five star.

If the food is good? If the whole mix rocks the house? The experience is euphoric.

Rennes … Le Galopin … just up the street from the Rennes Gare …

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