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Do you want to travel France? Fulfill your dream? Join us. We travel in small groups, leisurely paced, in cut-above comfort. You will consistently find authentic, immersive experiences from Paris to Provence.

In the Normandy/Brittany Tour, we travel from the Baie of Mont St Michel east to the D-Day Beaches, then west from the Abbey to the fortress city of Saint Malo.

In the South of France, Travel Provence with two immersive journeys,  from Toulouse to Carcassonne, then spilling over into Avignon east to St Maximin Ste Baume. Bundle the (2) South of France tours together for an extravagant lifetime memory.

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The Beauty of France

There is some secret alchemy between the Heavens and Earth in France; it is forever covered in an ecstatic, otherworldly light. This is everywhere, blanketing Étretat in the north, moving west into Normandy & Brittany, south into the Dordogne and Provence, and continuing east into the belly of France’s ancient lands.

How do you pick, given the thousands of places to explore from sacred, historical, architectural and geographical wonders to the treasures and mysteries that can only expand your perspectives — the lives experienced, power passed, religious loyalties aligned or extinguished, beauty to behold — all of it the weave of an ancient fabric. What draws you?

Eiffel Tower Paris
Abbey of Mont St Michel

Guided France Tours

We have traveled where we want to take you; we have found the elements, the jewels of the culture of the regions we’ve selected, to share with you. We’ve carved these gifts into our 6-night guided France tours.

Casually elegant, immersive French experiences provide you an enriching, once-in-a-lifetime journey, built to fulfill your dreams and send you home saturated and shining.

We have many years of experience following the light in this magnificent country. You are invited to join us!

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Build A Custom Itinerary

Custom Itinerary

If you’re a first-timer, you might have one set of priorities – perhaps a ‘touch-in’ to get a taste of this vast country. For that, we recommend a custom built itinerary. These are geared to your bucket list and packed full of travel details, logistics, and tips. They save you precious time. Consider an Itinerary for your time in France.

If you’re geared to immersing yourself and experiencing the bounty of this vast land, that’s us.

With each of our tours, we station in the heart of medieval towns, enjoy three or four-star accommodations, relish fine and gastronomique dining, and step into slice-of-life exposure to the region – shopping the markets, the ateliers, the artisans.

Tour France with us.

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