There is a quiet and lovely village nestled in Brittany, not so far from Mont St Michel, called Bazouges la Perouse, and this summer they are busy with a monthly outdoor brocante.

Brocantes are one step up from a vide grenier — in fact many merchants scour the vides to gather treasures, clean them up, and sell either at an open brocante, like Bazouges, or in a storefront brocante.


A vide grenier literally means ’empty the attic’ and that’s exactly what’s there on the table. Items can be hundreds of years old. Locks, tools, books, art, lace — old Europe opens up every summer in every town across France when the vide takes places.

It’s the village flea market.

But the brocante?
It’s shining bright. Treasures.
Crazy things you’ve never seen and if you can speak French, you can ask, but if not, it’s anybody’s guess.

What’s your fancy?
Hat pins? Forged tools? Handmade elbow-high white kid gloves? Or how about an artisanal set of card table and chairs — for children …

Even farther afield … an old roadster perhaps?

Brittany’s Bazouges la Perouze is on display.

There are amazing finds here from old glass to vintage one of a kind pieces — antiques, tools and artisans who show their wares.

I myself sorely walked away from a snow white wrought iron washstand with all the pieces, AND mirror, at SUCH a price — I couldn’t believe I left it there. But I had nowhere to put it.

Whoever got it? It’s a mirror of smiles in return.

They began in April, I was there for the May brocante, and June’s is coming right up.

Here is the link to get there: Directions to Bazouges


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