Your Tour of France Awaits You!

You will find three distinct tours; each of them a slow travel experience with great aforethought to accommodations, fine dining and the saturating flavors of the countryside.

The Normandy/Brittany 7-Day Tour exposes you to the wealth of regional history and has you wanting more.

There are two South of France tours, each 7-Days: South of France Toulouse to Carcassonne (westerly) and South of France Avignon to St Maximin (easterly). These can be single 7-Day Tours as presented, or combined for an extended 14-Day Extravaganza.

These tours are available on your timelines, whether you are single, a couple or a group traveling together.

You’ll also find when you explore our site, one-week itineraries for each region in case what you want is to¬† guide your own experience – with a little help.

Walk your dreams into reality – whether personally in a guided tour, with a ready-made 7-Day France Itinerary or a custom designed one for where in France you want to go.