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Thierry Gattegno
Le Clos Geraldy

After many years (a lifetime, he might say) of working in Paris as an executive in one of the primary telecommunication giants of France, Thierry’s dream of owning and living in the south was realized. In 2008 he found and purchased his spacious home in Provence which was to be his holiday home away from the mad, mad world. It had such an impact, that in 2010 he moved there full time and started a new life. And, given his happy disposition, I’d venture to say he never looked back!

I originally met him on-site in 2012, as I had reserved here for a guided tour I was providing.

I was taken aback not only with the above-board accommodations, but with how earnestly gracious was our host.

Hosting truly requires a certain kind of person — I’ve done it myself — and although I love meeting and traveling with folks from everywhere, it’s not my nature to host guests! It is his.

He thoroughly enjoys welcoming and meeting new people from all over the world. Fluent in English, conversations hopped around the globe at the breakfast table. The stories — and the laughter!


I am a returning guest.
I chose it initially for its location, and for the beauty of the accommodation. I was not disappointed. Le Clos holds and personifies the relaxed ambience of the region; from the colors and heat of the day Provence provides, to the cool of the night air, to where one can choose to go while staying there. It is (we are) close to so many treasures from this location.