Ani Moriarty @Mont St Michel

Bonjour and Welcome —

I’m Ani Moriarty: Travel Advisor, Roving France Reporter, blogger of all things French.
I write feature articles, build itineraries & tour France.

When requested I adore sharing France within four boutique, seven-day regional guided tours.

It all began as a travel writer which comes with the territory. My road trips are just that: I rove and report, stumble and discover all things French.

Embarking upon a journey? Chronicling it? Sharing the highlights, destinations and flavors? Pleasurable, to say the least. But that’s the selfish part.

The giveaway is that others experience a slice of gateau on the table. That has evolved to truly inhabiting the role of Roving France Reporter.

Setting off on each and every trip is full of sensations, explorations and discoveries, all to be journaled, detailed and featured both for your reading pleasure, and as potential destinations for you to experience.

I take road trips — by car or by train — both spontaneously and on-assignment. Driving France affords incredible opportunities for freedom, exploration, and conversation; elements that fill out a journey with the subtle nuances and variables of the culture.

Published in France Today, & Bonjour Paris.