How many times have I watched newcomers to France sitting at a restaurant table recovering from themselves, wondering what to do next, how to order food, or worse ~ lost.

You can avoid so many mistakes, and in the end spend less and travel more, enjoying the journey which is what you intended at the outset.

Guide Your Own Experience with a fixed itinerary, designed to take you where you want to go. It’s incredibly efficient and cost-effective. All the recommendations have been personally vetted for quality across all budgets from reasonable to sublime.

One Week in France Itineraries are designed with day-by-day schedules for a 6-night/7-day journey to the region of your choice. This includes destinations, historical wonders, logistics, how-to’s, and always a list of hot tips, all so you can navigate France effortlessly.

You’ll also find an occasional 3-Day Itinerary, the first of which is in the drop down menu here: 3-Days in Chartres.

An itinerary helps you experience France without breaking the bank, targeting the choices offered completely based on your priorities. Your 25+ page travel guide/itinerary provides everything you need to book your one week in each of our five destinations. In fact, they are designed so you can do back-to-back itineraries ~ bundled for a two week excursion of the area targeted ~ if you want more.

Drawn from 27 years of experience traveling and living in France, sharing France is right on my passion line. I adore it. Your itinerary is packed full of links; how to book where, photos, Hot Tips and more. The itinerary you choose comes as a downloadable PDF to print out, start planning, and to carry with you on your trip.

If you’re looking for an area not covered? I do all of France. Just contact me for a custom designed itinerary for your journey in France.

Find your One-Week-in-France Itinerary, from Normandy, Brittany, and a bundle of both together if you want to expand your journey for two weeks, to a similar arrangement for the South of France: The One Week Itinerary for the South of France-I,  guides you from Toulouse to Carcassonne ~ exploring the Cathars, Mont Segur, and the region of the Occitane. It is spectacular, butting up to the foot of the Midi-Pyrénées.

South of France-II, guides you from Avignon to the ultimate destination of St-Maximin-Ste-Baume where surprises await you.

Bundle these two together, for two weeks in the South of France from Toulouse to St Max.