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Winter’s Light at the Abbey of Mont St Michel, found me in this great eating hall — on the walking tour, this is one of the last places you walk to, before exiting into the bookstore. It is full of light. Of shadows. Of history. Of ancient conversations.

I’m always amazed how one can not ever get enough of the Abbey. There are literally thousands and thousands of pictures available. And if you’ve been? You have your own to enjoy.

But this speaks to a larger scene — to an intangible, ineffable quality that truly, the camera doesn’t fully capture — ever.

People pilgrimage from all over the world ‘to see it once before they die’ — it is that formidable.

And I? have been given the good graces to live ‘a stone’s throw away’ — truly — a 15 minute drive door to door. I go often. In the lashing rains and storms of winter cold … in the sun’s heat on the stones in the peak of summer … even for a picnic in the adjacent baie polders to witness parachutes falling from the sky, practicing for a re-enactment of D-Day landing … and each time it is a different experience — as it will be for you.