Custom France Itinerary

This Travel France Custom Itinerary | Guide Your Own Experience is designed with you in mind, fulfilling all the details you require for a memorable journey.

From Normandy to Provence, these itineraries are packed with details from hotels to museums, transportation to dining — elements you can use as ‘the basic bones’ that allow you flexibility to fill in with whims or fascinations. The road is well traveled, and a go-to itinerary can help you have a more pleasurable time exploring France.

I also have pre-built or ‘fixed’ One-Week Itineraries available. Check those out here.

Enjoy the options!

Not sure where to/how to focus your time in France? Get a Custom France Itinerary.

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Why A Custom France Itinerary?

Ani has lived in and toured France for 25 years. Her custom itineraries provide you with easy travel guidelines, from transportation to accommodation and everything in between. She can tailor your experience for all price ranges, from two-star hotels to les chateaux.

Knowing the trains, the ferries, what kinds of accommodations are available across all budgets — this groundwork is part of her baseline of experience to help you have good flow at your pace.

With these itineraries, Ani shares her deep familiarity with France, and can save you time, money and stress, so you can spend your time instead simply enjoying your trip.

You and Ani can open up the conversation about fulfilling your dreams.

Write [email protected] to ask your questions. She’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Itineraries include, but are not limited to:

  • Recommended accommodations

  • Recommended restaurants from creperies to chateau dining

  • On-the-ground go-to maps

  • Off-the-beaten-track haunts that put you in touch with local life

  • The ‘how-to’ for points of great interest, details on entry, transportation options, parking, etc.

  • Need-to-know information regarding the culture and region.

Fixed Rate for Your Itinerary: $110

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