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Part of our following the light of France? Includes living it at home in France.
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Here’s a latest review of EuroRetreat: An At Home in France Review:

Autumn 2016

To write that Arc En Ciel is a “charming cottage in Normandy” would to short change the functionality and location of this wonderful vacation home. The house has everything you need to cook and enjoy a great meal, make a picnic lunch, or just sit and munch on market delectables, all accompanied by a music library, eclectic decor, several comfortable niche places to sit, and nice size bedrooms-storage and two bathrooms.

The location of the house offers easy access to both popular tourist locations such as Mont St. Michel, Normandy beaches, and more interesting proximity to a network of small towns and mid size cities that have amazing markets, architecture, festivals, shops, and restaurants.

Montanel is almost entirely quiet except for the church bells that ring occasionally in the center of this village. And yes, it is an extremely charming cottage in the French countryside replete with a garden, large windows with lace curtains, shingle roof, stone facade, and old wooden door with skeleton key.

A great place to “play French” with an authentic living experience. Plan to return as often as I can manage to get myself to this country that has captured my heart.
J’adore France.

Guest — Pacific Northwest USA