France is full of ‘those were the days’ — when I first chose to set up house and home in France, I was offered THE famously French 2CV; the CLASSIC 60s version of a VW bug. Adorable car.

That’s 2 for two cylinders. Open it up? Under the hood? It looked like a sewing machine. AND it had a hand crank just in case you needed to get it going.

Bottom line, is it was totally dependable.

Here’s my sweetie:
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Really, nowadays, the French won’t be caught dead in them, except for collectors. An absolute killer on the back — you need a chiropractor after every jaunt. As I did.

But the 2V epitomizes French life.

No, they wouldn’t be caught dead in them but they WILL stop and gawk, and wave as you pass by, cherishing those days gone by.

I adopted a Queenly wave back; a soft smile, an acknowledgement, a wave … and a carrying on …

Here’s an archival video of the streets FULL of 2CVs with many different models:

Bon Voyage!