Shocking discovery: no two galettes are the same … I used to think they were all about the same but really, they are not.

Ya know, when you live in France locally, you seek out the cut above, not the average. Most tourists marvel at the average (as did I) because French food is across the board, just tasty. surprisingly superb.

And, when living here, the palette evolves; it’s not just a touch-in for a tourist; it’s wait a minute — what was that …

You discover there’s a whole band of normal French food served in the brasseries, the creperies, that allows the restaurants to get by and dish out, and the tourists to revel in ‘oh, I’m in France!’ but really, they’re not accessing just one layer in, of what is better than normal.

My barometer is, it’s so close you can taste it!

I’ve had a favorite go-to creperie in Pontorson (Le Grillon) that is generally PACKED nightly with locals (a sure sign).
So I always reserve. This time into my region, I’ve been trying other places, just because I’m biased and figure I need to expand my horizons. But none have compared.

There’s a very popular, hip restaurant en route to Mont St Michel, and it IS hip. It IS full of everything. But when I had the galette complet? It was’t quite there … then today I went to Avranches to a sweet little restaurant right down in the middle of centre ville, because they’re ALWAYS busy.

Come to find, the management has changed. And yes the ambiance is wonderful, intimate, and the food okay.
But I’m not looking for okay; I’m looking for a cut above okay.

I figured I’d try the galette complet there too – and I was sorely disappointed! They FRIED the buckwheat crepe! And STUFFED it with unmelted Emmantal with a runny egg off to one side only (that I never got to) — AND they stuffed it with too much ham!
It did not allow one to explore any possibilities that satiate the soul.

I was sorely distressed to discover no two galettes are alike.
This week I am going back to Le Grillon to have their Galette Saint-Jacques – scallops with leeks in a light creme fraiche — to see if it matches my memory from the previous owners … one can only hope …