Currently, to Travel France, Dreaming It In is the modus operandi until those dreams are realized, right?

We currently have the massive interruption, life-disrupter of COVID-19,  don’t we … best laid plans …

This has lurched us all into new territories, none of which ANY of us want. Yet here we are.

I watch my own tucked-in place here in the PNW, and the ‘down the chain’ fallout for everyone, no matter what it looks like, and until the frenzy passes and safety is ensured, the world slows ~ and pauses ~ until reset can occur.

This affects all travel plans across the board!

Tours are on hold until the dust settles and the world re-sets. (Except for one scheduled and on the books for AFTER this subsides, the 11 Day/Night South of France guided tour in September 2021.

Happy to provide help with Itineraries, and simple Q&A. Just ask.

In the meantime, I find myself every day reveling in some moment of all that France is, inside of me.

It’s truly a wellspring, fed from many years of travel and experience, effervescent in its nature.

I wander the vaulted cathedral of Chartres in an off moment of finding myself there, in that Silence and majesty … I conjure up the easy to recall smell of home when walking in the front door (it smells fresh … of flowers & wood, earth and garden wafts) … and I get totally, madly dirty in the garden planting and anticipating bloom.

Here and now, as I pause, I am embarking upon creating a page that holds reflections of the beauty of France I’ve captured.

Soon for your viewing pleasure, in a gallery of prints; yours by the asking – for you to hold a visual you love, of a dream you too are making come true.

Stay tuned!

À bientôt,