Long a scavenger, passionate about digging through boxes of vintage wares, linens, silver, you name it …

Home in France is a step back in time, qualitatively. And, on the side, I’ve taken the extras, the finds, and opened an online shop, called MyVideGrenier, that has an Etsy page for U.S. shipped items (not many — depleted stock — but still some great finds) and an on-this-site shop, same name, for valuables and collectibles that are tucked on the other side of the ocean.

It’s a hobby, not a full-fledged business. Once upon a delusion, I considered importing Citroen 2CVs. Nipped that one right in the bud.  It’d take a lot more than I do, to carve a massive business out of it. But still, the finds are magical, the stories steeped; authentic representatives of what France is. And for me, what happens when a piece is purchased and received? Is heavenly. I’m thrilled. People adore what they receive as much as I do! So sending the item, having it marveled at, appreciated, loved, fills me up.

And that’s worth all the effort.

I’ve had to sift it out so Etsy is representing what’s available state-side, and the site shop representing what’s available from France. You will still find French shipped items on Etsy — but not for long. They will all migrate over to the site shop.

Shipping is  included in the total price – on both sides of the pond!