Forward Movement in the South of France has me getting back in the saddle again after these many months of ‘Coronaville’.

Line Up Your Logistical Details

People are checking in for future travel trips and tours to specific destinations as much as ever, and though the brakes are on, certainly for Americans going abroad, having all logistical details for your next destination lined up, is golden.

Be Pro-Active

As much as your armchair allows (and it allows a great deal), being out there in just the virtual world with videos and pictures and oh well, wouldn’t it be lovely; instead, be pro-active, gathering everything you want into a bouquet for your next trip to France.

What does that mean?

Create, Create, Create!

Get your maps out! Create, create, create! Line up your itinerary, your ports of entry and stopovers en route to your final destination. Decide which hotels, what kind of transportation, and everything in between.

These days with the shifting sands we are within, you’ll find lots of extensions and safeguards in place for you as traveler; book with built-in free cancellations, both for hotels and train travel in France.

Look online; follow through with contacting the places you want to stay to see if they’re even accepting bookings right now; some are, some aren’t.

Energize/Vitalize Your Trip Now!

This vitalizes the trip. It’s not about if; it’s about when. So go for it!

That applies to me as well; I’ve ‘set course’ with a refreshing new structure for an 11/11 Tour in the South of France, and have it on the books for mid-September 2021.

Questions about booking in/reserving given corona? You’ll find that info on the tour page itself.

Next, I’ve just finished a piece for publication about the glorious Mirepoix in the South of France. The department of the Ariège in the Occitaine near the Pyrenees, Mont Segur, Carcassonne, is a medieval crossroads not to be missed. Which is to say, continue reading your travel go-to magazines and online publications, to find what peaks your interest and has you wanting to dial it in.

And last but not least, for all the obvious reasons, LoFT has shifted social media platforms.

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