Are you coming to Mont St Michel?

Sitting just off the Normandy coast, at the mouth of the rive Couesnon, the iconic Abbey of Mont St Michel is the dividing line between Normandy and Brittany.

Given all the people I’ve met who visit here, I decided to pop a little extra something into SHOP FRANCE: Itineraries — just for fun:

10 Things to Do-Be-See in the Baie of Mont St Michel — so you might better hone your holiday.

It doesn’t require the drill-down an itinerary does — it’s simply a one-off side gift to have as you carve out your quality time in the baie. 

There’s so much here to enjoy! 

The area is awash with gites and overnight BnB accommodations, all easy to find depending on 1)how much time you want to spend here, 2) your budget, and 3) your priorities. If you do opt into a week for an immersive experience, it will allow you to relax, get in touch with the culture, and explore to your heart’s content. (Always my own personal preference).

And, if you’d like to extend from this one-off into a 7-Day Itinerary, I’ll pair this Do-Be-See List with an itinerary that includes what you pick from above, to tailor your preferences for a perfect fit. (It’s actually a bonus: not a custom designed itinerary. I’ll call it your 7-Day Mont St Michel Itinerary.) Just Ask.

May you be served in your travels!

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