Friends, Solo Travelers, Mothers & Daughters, Sisters of the Heart, 

This is a full circle return, a SPECIAL EVENT FOR WOMAN ONLY: Walk the Awakened Feminine South of France.

I don’t know about you but I love to plan ahead. It’s when the journey starts — with the ‘allowing’ — the saying ‘yes’ to what draws you.

The baseline for every journey is discovery and exploration — hopefully in a graceful fashion — not just of the world around you, but how that world mirrors back to you, more and more of who you are — of that you are. How empowering.

All to say, I’m announcing a special event: a journey through the South of France, called For Woman Only: Walk the Awakened Feminine in the South of France.

It’s time with self— where we, as Women, journey with eyes that see.  

It doesn’t fit the current formula out there for a South of France retreat-style tour.

These are tricky to categorize. There are so many tours and retreats now focused on ‘the divine feminine’ — spiritual retreats, sacred hotspots, Mary Magdalene, the Black Madonna … and with that comes a frequent misperception of looking for something outside yourself. 

This is not that.

It isn’t designed to find ‘Her’ outside of you. Especially given ‘She’ is everywhere.

It is designed to give back to you reflections of your awakened Self, as is your experience in any given moment.

This is a lifelong goal of mine, a driven passion that will not go away. It’s what brings me here to you now, to share with like-hearted women, what’s available in its sheer lightness of being. Years in the carving, thousands of miles of road covered, many morphed versions, it’s now distilled. 

Dates are set for May 2024!

Intentionally a year + away, this gives you time enough to ponder, commit to your goal, and begin to gather yourself.

There’s a lot to organize around such an adventure! It can be a total pleasure, not a grinding need.

The good news, is once you land in France? The rest is waiting for you.

Getting there is yours to create.

I’m available along the way as you request.

So give it time, space, and oxygen. It will build and grow — like getting to know your very best friend — the  one you want to sit down and spend time with every single day.

Let this be the intro for you to take care of everything necessary to make this the trip of your lifetime.

Here is your Invitation.


An Invitation

For Woman Only: 

Your Walk 

with the Awakened Feminine 

through the South of France  

Gifting You a Once in a Lifetime Immersive Experience

The platform is set for discovery. We visit sacred sites, energetically-charged terroir and historical wonders where so much has passed, where the Mystery is all yours to discover. Each moment is its own, and will not ever be the same as the Woman standing next to you;  it is all yours to have and hold. 

For 11 days and 11 nights, starting at the edge of the Ariège in the Occitanie, we are instantly immersed in the history of the Cathars; Albi, Carcassonne, and Mont Segur. 

From there we head east slowly but surely to ancient Arles and the Camargue … on to Avignon … with the final destination of St Maximin Ste Baume, where sits perched high in the Great Massif, a  renowned grotto — home to Mary Magdalene the last 30 years of her life.

We don’t ‘pack it in and check it off’ ~ we slow it down and immerse to receive the bounty of the offerings. They are everywhere. Tuck your touchstones inside your heart and rely on them going forward, as life unfolds.

This is your walk within the Awakened Inner Feminine you hold. Multifaceted, you’ll find your place in the space that is all yours to have from the beauty of the land to the regional cuisine; from the spiritual history to the sacred.

Journey through the heart of France … where we weave the time, space and grace into daily life and living.

Casual elegance is the stamp.

You’ll find full logistics and details on

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