The town of Saint James sits at the epicenter of My Constellation of Stars.
Situated in the middle of this region full of cultural creatives, it’s food for the soul.

Lucky me!

So … I’m cultivating a ‘constellation’ of feature articles to illuminate what is here in Normandy for when you visit the area. From the wonderful go-to corner shop in St James itself, La Saint Jamaise, to connection to the Hurdy Gurdy Man of Normandy — to what’s up next — the iconic employee-owned company Saint James, home of the signature striped sailor designs ‘born of the sea’ Breton knitwear, made in France and now in Saint James since 1889. 

Tucked down another backroad in the fields of Normandy, is the  coming-soon publication of my interview with rock musician & luthier, Steve Bell. Currently wielding his ‘cheese grater’ (as he calls it) as lead guitarist in the Dark Country Rock group RELOAD, his atelier is full of too much work. Stay tuned (sorry!) — it’s  on the shortlist for publication.

Every instance I discover something that is intrinsically a part of life and living here — whether scheduled or by stumbling into it — it’s the people who are creating the synergy. Meeting them, knowing them whether through business or friendship, is what provides the reflections offered here for you.

For instance, in Saint James, preparations are already underway for the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landing. It is a huge undertaking. The layers of organization and scheduling; the time, energy and commitments involved are unending. 

Brittany American Cemetery Saint James

I’ll be reporting on that from Saint James, as the Commune Nouvelle is 1) a 20 minute drive from the iconic Abbey of Mont St Michel where organizing for events leading up to and following 7 June, are in full swing, and 2) a 10 minute drive through the town itself to the Brittany American Cemetery, final resting place of 4,000 American soldiers. 

All of this; the people, the places, events and offerings, are part of My Constellation of Stars, in my neighborhood.

Welcome, and Enjoy!