Being Present in the South of France: Retreat for Women, doesn’t fit the current formula out there for a South of France retreat. It’s a dive inward.

These are tricky to categorize. There are so many tours and retreats now focused on ‘the divine feminine’ — spiritual retreats, sacred hotspots, Mary Magdalene, the Black Madonna … and with that comes a frequent misperception of looking for something outside yourself.

This is not that.

Last January, I initiated a Retreat for Women Only to the South of France.

I wrote a blog about it then — which will tell you everything you need to know.

It’s time to light the fire from here in Normandy.

We are 10 months before ‘decollage‘.

We walk the terroir …  immerse in the culture, the food, daily life, all mixed in as part of this slow travel retreat to allow you to experience being present with all of it at the same time.

This means each of us has an opportunity to open personally to what is ours, bountifully available in the South of France.

This is an ever changing spiral, depending on your conscious awareness.

That spiral is in ascension.

When I reflect on what began this sojourn, I was the last to know what was before me.

Here I am, sitting in awareness of the elemental nature of this offering, and as usual, wanting to share it.

To ‘Walk the Awakened Feminine’ doesn’t mean we’re hiking daily in search of.

I’ve walked these places, this land, and found my own treasures.

Yours will be for you to discover in moment-to-moment awareness from your awakened Self.

What I can promise you, is you will discover just that. It’s inevitable.

I just looked back to the writing so many years ago, still alive and vibrant in its core …

What if there was a protective Dome of Light over a vast region of France, a sanctuary nurturing the Divine Feminine, reaching across the ancient land from south of Limoges all the way to the Mediterranean Sea?

And what if, within that Dome, were energetic anchor points; oases where you could rest your spirit and listen deeply to the embedded wisdom of the stones, the sea, the earth; sacred places to immerse your body, mind, heart & soul in the Mother and draw sustenance to fuel and support purposeful living?

Then as now, this is for you if you find yourself drawn.

That being drawn in? That magnetic?

It’s your receptive nature.

I’ll be blogging destinations along the path of this retreat over the coming months. Stay tuned.

In the meantime,

Read through the invitation, drink it in, listen deeply, and look to your Soul.

If it is yours, be in touch. I will meet you there.