The pendulum *does* swing both ways.

The French have asked to touch our beloved Giants, the Sequoias, so from Sea to Shining Sea, traveling from the emerald coast of Brittany to the Redwood Forests of northern California, away we go!

The quintessential beauty of California is this jewel in its ancient crown, and becomes the recurring theme of our two week tour, looming softly on the horizon for us to gaze upon, until September.

From San Francisco SOUTH to Big Sur

EAST to the valley floor of Yosemite

… then NORTH through the central valley into the bounty of southern Oregon — we will have it all.

The beauty of the north state only continues WEST … where we will park our bodies with Elk as backdrop over morning coffee … wander off to The Lost Coast … and gaze upward at the Standing Beings we cherish, our Sequoias

It promises to be a truly cup-full of golden.