He commutes

Aah, it’s summertime … saucisse grillée smoke is wafting through the air, Johnny Hallyday is muzaking through the streets … and inquiring pocketbooks want to know where the deal of the day is.

The vides? Robust flea markets of France … modern junk mixed with times gone by; part of the fabric of life; every village throws their own version all over the country.

Some things within the vide are the same; the food, the ambiance, the music; even the dust of a cow field gone dry …

What’s NOT the same? The treasures; what you stumble upon as you wander up and down rows of home-grown tables propped up with barrels, bricks or better — they are everywhere.

Plan to wander. Find a table that draws you, stop fully, and take in the layers of junk mixed with valuables, one piece at a time.

We have totally decked out our French home with the authentic charm of another time.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
You bet it is!