It was a leisurely drive from Dol de Bretagne on the main autoroute south to la Gacilly where, when we hit the country roads, we then got completely lost.

French road signs are part of the journey; knowing there isn’t one until after you turn and look back over your shoulder to see the ‘direction’ pointing the other way? Necessary information.

So we wandered, just a bit, until we happened upon the town we were wanting to visit first — home of Yves Rocher.

If you go to our ‘Contact’ page, you will see the location on the map!

The climate there is distinctly different than ours, with only 2 hours of road between us. This showed itself in the heat of early August, by the prolific florabunda that was showing its colors in every nook and cranny. Forget about the planters and boxes that were overflowing — look behind that — and you will discover the milder winters that allow four o’clocks to grow like weeds — it was like being in Marin County, California.


When we parked, we walked through the Saturday market which was burgeoning with all things ripe; melons five for a euro, peaches glowing — specialty cheeses, chevre coated in red peppercorns — perfect for our roadside picnic a little later, when on our way to Rochefort-en-Terre…