Come to drink of the grace afoot.

The play of light within and around the Abbey of Mont St Michel transfixes your gaze.
The unearthly seascape pastels, or golden reflections off the ancient stone as you take it all in … each its own fleeting shadow of the sublime — gives pause to ponder.

More, please…

Considered by many as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Abbey of Mont St Michel stands formidably off the coast of the Normandy/Brittany border. The last several years have seen a massive restructuring of the water flows at the mouth of the Couesnon River; to bring back the baie to the full estuary it can be, and to create an approach unparalleled for visitors, truly, an extravagant experience of this natural wonder.

Thousands come yearly as a personal pilgrimage; wanting it to be one of their lifetime’s experiences ‘had’.

It takes planning, scheduling, routing, and logistics to create the experience you’re after.

Given we LIVE here near the Abbey, Light of France Tours has designed a boutique weekend package to saturate you!

Spend one or two nights on the rock itself, in a nearby b&b, or in a chateau setting, only a few minutes farther afield from the Abbey.

We offer two choices: a 2-3 Star experience, or a 4-5 Star experience.
Each is wonderous in its own right.

You tell us your requirements, and we will send you a proposal to help you weave the tapestry for your experience.

A proposed/suggested itinerary for your time in the Baie/at the Abbey
Accommodation for 1 or 2 nights
Breakfast and Dinner for 1 or 2 nights
Private 1.5 hour tour of the Abbey

We book your room, arrange your dining experiences to fulfill your dream, secure a private tour of the abbey from one of a handful of wizardly guides, and remove many of the kinks so that your time is yours to enjoy.

Does Not Include:

Mid Day Meal