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Has your personal thinking process around fear & travel changed in this last year?

Just read a great article in The Guardian, regarding the ‘Trump Slump’ and how travel TO the USA has been hard hit.

You can read it here:

I, on the other hand, travel in reverse — to Europe. The same fear mongering applies both ways. Travel industry abroad as well, has been hard hit. People hesitate. Withdraw. Reconsider. And some, ultimately, choose to not go. It’s understandable. But it doesn’t forward free thinking. Or peace. Or visiting one’s friends who live somewhere else. Or making a pilgrimage. It stops travel in its tracks.

In looking at this myself, it’s hard to miss — and extricate oneself — from the gripping force of its very nature. Especially as an American, here in the USA these days; fear is on the waves and fed across the horizons of living each day.

I don’t go here for long. It is not sustainable.

Travel is all about experiencing new worlds. Or old ones! Immersing one’s self in foreign cultures. Educational and wisen-ing for the Soul. We who travel have it in our blood.

All I have to do, is look at locations I love, in a foreign culture (for me,France) to not just remember in my mind, but to remind myself to remember how the heart exists in places and spaces where one can simply be.

I guess one way to put it, is to say fear is ever present everywhere. It is also an inherent ingredient in traveling, but putting that in its right place and pushing back that envelope breathes oxygen into all that is not that.

I watch and adore the on-going restoration project in the south of France at Château de Gudanes. You can find the magic of it all here:

‘Experience the Château in the Summer of 2017’ it reads … now here is an extraordinary undertaking by an Australian family, who chose to take on a massive project, one with a huge historical past. It holds such change through the centuries, now being unveiled by their very hands — for you to be a part of. You think perhaps fear did not inhabit those walls through the wars, the betrayals, the challenges of each owner?

What remains now? What is there? The experience. Saturated in light, in beauty, in nature, in a re-freshed state of balance. You can immerse yourself here, there or anywhere you choose to drink the magic afoot.

As a dearheart friend of mine says, The Beat Goes On.

THAT’S important to remember when choosing forward movement — not politically; not to make a stand, not to rebuke; simply to continue to live in the heartful experience of the beauty of this world in all its forms. That’s what sustains — and forwards us all.