Want to spend three days in Chartres?

There are so many places to go in France … it is impossible to name them all. But this one, Chartres Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, perhaps the most well-preserved Gothic cathedral on Earth, is only one hour from Paris.

I love Chartres. It’s been a ‘home port in France’ for 30 years and I still can’t stop talking about it. En fait, you’ll find a feature I dedicated to The Secrets of Chartres on my site. I’ve watched it grow, evolve and gentrify, while at the same time closely guard its treasures.

Wanting to share those treasures with you, I’ve created this very distilled 3-Day Itinerary for Chartres just for you.

For many people, Chartres is still a well-kept secret, although the people who are discovering it year by year grow in number.

You will stand as witness to beauty everywhere; from how the cathedral itself is the binding for the book of ancient stained glass … to how ancient artisans laid their finest work at every turn over centuries — but left no mark … to walking around any corner to be in front of some ancient wall that has been maintained and nurtured throughout the centuries, leaving you gawking in awe.

The stained glass of Chartres? World-renowned, it is unparalleled. It simply takes your breath away.

The medieval town spirals around the cathedral itself, and is walkabout; closed off to mainstream traffic. Boutique shops, fine dining, great hotels, restaurants and cafes that spill out onto the street, and culture at every turn.

For instance, Hotel Grand Monarque hosts wine tasting events, French cooking classes — and works in tandem with the Theatre of Chartes for show-goers. It is a thriving mecca for cultural events.

I hope you enjoy the offering.

It’s for you!