One call came in from a woman in California who was traveling alone to London and Glastonbury, then to the south of France.

As travel guide we created a ‘hot spot’ tour of places and spaces stretching from Gastonbury to Toulouse, then east, across Provence …

Into the Valley

Her proposal included a layout of potential places to stop, choices for accommodations, routes, places and spaces to consider along the road travelled — all the niggly points of reference that quickly became the tour, from down time, to travel time, to what was important to her: nature time — you name it — everything came into play.

One of the things I love most about being a personal guide?
It’s personal.

Detailed to what people specifically want gives me a bird’s eye view into life and living through a completely new lens each time.

Whether it’s the local stranger you ask directions of, or the gas station attendant you hope can help turn you around, you will find guides all along the way — though if you’re lost, disheartened or confused, next time you may choose to find a guide to help you enjoy the region you are entering.

It saves countless hours, untold energy, and enhances your experience a millionfold.

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