France is hosting the 70th Anniversary of D-Day which changed the face of the world, from a pressing, looming darkness into the exhale of this light of day.

Last summer, 2013, we packed a lunch and sat on the banks of the Cuesnon River, which runs from the Baie and Abbey of Mont St Michel inland and divides Normandy and Brittany at the Pontorson junction, to hear les Bombardiers fly over the Abbey, and to watch parachutists fall from the sky as a re-enactment of our great second war.

It brought chills and pride and a profound sense of ‘as the world turns’.

Here now, all villages and towns in proximity are posting detour routes to help you find your way.

Here are a few from St James — in the event you’re in the neighborhood.
Similar postings will be in every town and village affected by celebrations and commemorations — THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER!

If you are wondering how to access similar detour maps for where you are touring, be sure to contact the local tourism office near where you are staying.

France is ready and waiting to serve you.


Orange and black signs will read:

Circulation Perturbée (circulation disturbed)
Deviation (Detour)
Route Barree (road bock)