Project Description

Tour Toulouse to Carcassonne

Rich with history, travel with us on our guided France Tour:  Toulouse to Carcassone.  This region in the very south and west of France, like every other region, is its own signature edition, ripe with huge historical significances and current times’ gastronomique splendors, all part and parcel of the flamboyance of the Ariège

We start and conclude this journey in Toulouse, with a full circle sweep through small villages and towns, including (it’s hard to miss when here) the extinguished Cathars’ stamp upon the area — and upon the world.

Stationed on the edge of the Ariège, we are surrounded with the history of the Cathars, and will be meandering through the ancient villages of Foix, Fanjeaux, home of St. Benedict, visiting haunts, brocantes and sacred sites from Albi to the ruins of Mont Segur … with a final night wandering the streets of Carcassonne.

Arrival: Gare Toulouse, with transfer to hotel.

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This tour is available for a minimum of 2 people, maximum 4. With a day break at the end, it can be combined with South of France II: Avignon, Arles & St Max.

Wonder While You Wander in the South of France

Your Journey Includes:

• In-country travel structure with tour, entry and guide fees within tour destinations.
• Impromptu gatherings to share the historical significances of each location, if you choose in.
• All lodging and accommodations including country French homes and charming hotels.
• All breakfasts & dinners, including table wines, and 1-2 picnic lunches.
• Ultimate village markets.

What You Provide:
• Travel (including to & from Toulouse)

* Evacuation and Accident Insurance. It’s required.

• Spending monies & arrangements for travel and accommodations before & after (to Paris and upon return to Toulouse).

• Monies for meals not included in the tour.
• Most lunches.
• Trekking poles, if desired, and good traction walking shoes for dusty steep paths and cobblestones.
• Cell phone that works internationally.

DAY ONE Toulouse

Our journey begins in Toulouse, with arrival on Saturday, and rendezvous at our hotel early afternoon for that first night.

Settle in, spend a little time to get acclimated, and we’ll meet for aperos and a first meal together.


19.00 In-House Dining

DAY TWO Mirepoix

After petit déjeuner in Toulouse, the Sunday market around the base of l’eglise is not to be missed! Contain yourselves! You’ll have the morning to explore, walkabout and meander. We will meet back at the hotel for a light lunch before we head out in our touring van, direction Mirepoix, one hour’s drive away.

Here we will spend the next three nights right off the central plaza, reveling in the medieval wonders of Mirepoix, and using this base to explore further afield.

Once here, we’ll settle into our Hotel Relais de Mirepoix then head out, no doubt, for a walkabout.

19.00 In-House Dining

DAY THREE Market Day Mirepoix

First thing after petit déjeuner, will find us spending the entire morning in the central square of Mirepoix. This is a quintessential French market experience with wares from antiques and flowers to fresh fruits and winds, to artisanal crafts, cheeses, saucisse — all as you meander around the Cathedral, to fill your senses from the very first step into the marketplace.

Enjoy lunch at a café that catches your eye.

The central, walkabout medieval town of Mirepoix is ripe with boutique shops full of artisanal wares. Spend your afternoon exploring the back streets, antique shops, brocantes and boutiques before returning to your hotel to freshen up for dinner.

19.00 In-House Dining


In the morning, we will visit small villages and towns as we make our way to Albi, namesake of the Albigensian Crusade, the 45-year campaign that effectively eliminated Catharism.

We will visit the Musee Toulouse Lautrec, and have a leisurely lunch. Meandering and stopping in small villages along the way, we will return to Mirepoix mid-afternoon.

19.00 In-House Dining

DAY FIVE Mont Segur

Today, Wednesday, we head to Mont Segur, not the last holdout of the Cathars, but the one that sealed their fate and destiny. It’s a climb to the top; not serious but surely walking shoes and perhaps walking sticks, a plus. And, it’s worth the climb! You can see in the picture of Mont Segur, where you will be standing.

A picnic/pack lunch is included this day for you while we explore this sacred site of the Cathars.

19.00 In-House Dining

DAY SIX Carcassonne

Today, Thursday, we say au revoir to Mirepoix and head to Carcassonne to spend our last walkabout day — and night — in the splendor of the cité. Here at the Best Western Dijon of Carcassonne, we will rest, reflect, and enjoy we all that Carcassonne has to offer.

19.00 In-House Dining

DAY SEVEN Carcassonne to Toulouse

With a relaxing morning, we depart Carcassonne and transfer to Toulouse to bid adieu. Be sure to arrange your Toulouse departure for early/mid-afternoon.

his scheduled tour is available for a minimum of 2 people, maximum 6.


With a day in between, I and II, it can be combined with South of France II: Avignon to St Max,  for a full South of France experience.

This 12 Night Extravaganza Tour gives you a $400 discount, double occupancy, and includes one night hotel free as you transfer/transit in to Avignon.


To inquire or register, ask [email protected].

We will pencil in your dates, with initial deposit due 90 days prior to your scheduled tour.


As we are still in the throes and grip of corona here in the final months of 2020, registration and deposits are structured to accommodate.

Your deposit of half is due 90 days prior to our scheduled time together.

Full payment due within 60 days of tour.

You may forward your payments via bank wire, or TransferWise.


Let us know your requirements; Are you a couple, a corporate group, a small group … And, let us know the dates you are seeking. If you’re seeking to snag these scheduled dates for your group, it’s early bird catches the worm! We will forward you a proposal & application. Once you are registered, we will hold your reservation for 72 hours. Your reservation is secured by your non-refundable but transferable to new dates deposit of half. You may forward via bank wire or TransferWise.