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Avignon to St Max Tour

Tour Avignon and the Palace of Popes, where we stand in the middle of the central plaza and, having arrived, realize our great & good fortune. From the Palace itself to the gardens, the back streets too small for cars, we’ll settle in to enjoy the beauty and grace of Avignon.

From here we head to Arles, the Camargue and Mediterranean, then further east into the mystical lands of St Maximin Ste Baume, where we spend a day trekking up the Great Massif to the Grotto of Mary Magdalene, where she by all accounts spent the last 30 years of her life.

  • Le Clos Geraldy Provence
    At the End of the Day ...
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From the gare, you will transfer for our rendevouz at Hotel Kyriad Avignon, Palais des Papes, after 14.00 for check-in. Once situated, you’ll no doubt want to drop your bags and do an initial walkabout to get your bearings in the heart of this beautiful city, and tap into the pulse of life here; the street artists, brasseries — the fullness of French life at your doorstep.

From the ancient streets full of boutique shops and restaurants to the Palace itself; there is much to take in.

We will then meet for aperos and a first meal together at a favorite local restaurant.

After petite dejeuner, the Palais des Papes is so close, we head off for a tour. From there, the morning opens to lunch where you can pick and choose right in the plaza, a perfect place to eat.

After lunch, we head for a walkabout through the medieval timbre houses and boutique shops just off the main plaza — and here you may well linger.

Head back to your room for R&R before we meet for aperos and dinner at yet another favorite local restaurant.

After a leisurely morning in Avignon, with time for you to wrap up any loose ends, we will pack up and head to the magical town of Arles. After a cafe lunch, you will check into your ‘room with a view’ at the Hotel Amphitheatre.

Steps away? The Roman Amphitheatre .. van Gogh’s gardens … back streets with tuckaway surprises and life as usual for the locals.

We will meet in a local restaurant for aperos and dinner.

Today we hop in the van and head straight south to the Camargue. Yes, the marshlands with the famous ponies.

Beyond lies the tiny but poignant town of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the purported landing of Mary Magdalene at the Mediterranean Sea. You can sit on the shore, fill your heart’s mind with imaginings and history, visit the Chapel of the Black Madonna — followed by lunch of your choosing.

We’ll head back to Arles in the early afternoon for a final round, capped with a fine dining experience.

Had enough? But we’re not there yet! We’re headed to destination St Maximum Ste Baume, where we will be warmly received by our hosts at le Clos Geraldy, immersed in ‘la culture Provençal.’

We will head into the town itself for a brasserie lunch, a visit to the Basilica of Mary Magdalene just around the corner, then head out to visit local wonders, from olive groves to vineyards. Perhaps a late afternoon swim, sauna, or repose before a chateau dining experience.

Today is dedicated to the Grotto. After petite dejeuner we head out with a packed picnic lunch, to explore the trail up the Great Massif where, carved in the side of the sheer granite walls, is the cave residence of Mary Magdalene. Aside from the extraordinary nature of this visit, the views from en haut are spectacular.

Mid-afternoon, we’ll return to Le Clos Geraldy, have a little time for R&R before we our last meal together, at the renowned Le Couvant Royal.

After a relaxing morning, we depart St Max, and transfer to Gare Avignon, to bid adieu.

South of France II: Avignon to St Max

We schedule this tour on demand. To know actual cost for you and or your group, please use the contact page. Be sure to include preferable dates & the number of people in your party

6 Nights


To inquire or register email [email protected].

All payments are in advance. We will send you an invoice for your deposit of half, due at the time of reservation. We use TransferWise or RIB direct deposit, and can  hold your reservation for up to 72 hours pending payment of your deposit. All deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to a future tour.

This scheduled tour is available for 2 – 4 people, max.


With a day in between I and II, it can be combined with South of France I: Toulouse to Carcassonne for a full South of France experience.

This 12 Night Extravaganza Tour gives you a $400 discount, double occupancy, and includes one-night hotel free as you transfer/transit into Avignon.

TRIP LENGTH: 12 Nights
COST: Inquire directly.

Your Journey Includes:
• In-country travel structure with tour, entry and guide fees within tour destinations
• Impromptu gatherings to share the historical significances of each location if you choose in
• All lodging in charming hotels
• All breakfasts & dinners
• Ultimate village markets

What You Provide

* Travel (including to and from Toulouse)
* Evacuation and Accident Insurance. It’s required
* Spending monies & arrangements for travel and accommodations before & after (to Paris and Toulouse)
* Monies for meals not included in the tour, and for all alcohol and drinks with meals that are included
* Most lunches
* Trekking poles, if desired, and good traction walking shoes for dusty steep paths and cobblestones
* A Cell phone that works internationally