We are ushering in all things new with Shop France: Itineraries & Treasures. The fruit of years of labor is ready to share.

My humble country cottage in the fields of Normandy is a working model of repurposed vintage wares —  it’s now full to the brim. 

Shop France: Itineraries & Treasures is not a new endeavor.

I’ve created itineraries to share with those who want a little structure and recommendations, and I’ve had a half-baked ‘brocante’, if you will, known until now as My Vide Grenier — now morphed into the proper Shop France: Itineraries & Treasures.   

Being a scavenger doesn’t go away as a pastime. It’s fair to say it’s way past being a hobby — it’s clearly a passion-line addiction. I’m the early bird on summer weekends, and pop into brocantes whenever I see open doors.  It’s completely reasonable (wouldn’t you agree?) that this has evolved to become  Shop France: Itineraries & Treasures.

For me, it’s a great joy to share — so welcome!

On the ITINERARIES side you’ll find six ‘fixed’ or pre-built 7-Day Itineraries, covering Normandy, Brittany, those two combined (14 days), and two more in the South of France, covering Toulouse to Carcassonne, Avignon to St Maximin Ste Baume, and those two combined into a 2nd bundled two-week itinerary. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a first-timer, or someone who just wants a little help from your friends, these exist to help you along your way. 

On the TREASURES side, Shop France: Itineraries & Treasures has changing vintage stock, from quirky to heirloom, from comical to sublime. 

I can’t really call them ‘souvenirs’ because they have much greater value than that. They are keepsakes … touchstones … for you to have and hold in your own life and living so you too may enjoy slices of French life.

Goods change frequently, so know that, and check back frequently. Also, if you’re on IG, for Itineraries, you can find us @franceitineraries. And, we’re just starting to load products @treasurestotouchstones. You’ll find a running thread of what’s up and available, that links back to the shop.

If you’re after something in particular, I’m happy to put it on my shortlist.

May you enjoy the journey; the magic and splendor of the ancient, the mysteries, the quirky, the practical, and the heirloom treasures that surface.

Once payment is received the itineraries automatically download to the email address you provide.

Price for treasures includes S&H, and we ship Collissimo from France.

Tax and VAT on any item you find here whether TRAVEL or TREASURE, is included in the price.