Poppies of Camon, South of France

Poppies of Camon, South of France

The cloud is lifting, and the Poppies of Camon are calling! My September Tour to the South of France is booking now.

Does a boutique slow-travel guided tour through the historically/culturally rich  destinations in the South of France pique your interest? Speckled with tiny villages, we journey west to east across Provence to the Grotto of Mary Magdalene, high in the Great Massif.

But let’s step back for a moment … It took a while for me personally, to get from Covid’s grip of armchair traveling, back into fastening my seat belt, but lo’ and behold I’m on the road again.

Our Covid standstill (as if that suffering was not enough) was compounded with the onslaught of violence and aggression on the European continent not seen for decades. My cart tipped from a wicked but fairly safe standstill into grappling with the horrors of war, upending my own discomfort into shock.  

What I noticed was where I found respite. My go-to in the media world kept returning to beauty personified … honor bestowed to the ancient, whether architecture, art, gastronomy, or the presence of extraordinary cultural heritage. Each and every facet invited me to experience something sacred. 

There is where I relaxed. 

Abbey of Mont St Michel

Abbey of Mont St Michel

All we are within has brought out the light of what remains — our humanity; our striving for greater peace, for personifications of beauty and harmony everywhere — for the quiet celebration of living life in connectedness — even in the throes of such darkness. That striving does not go away. It is what we are made of.  

If I distill ‘what it is’ about France that is so profoundly impactful, and en fait, is perhaps what draws the heart and soul of so many to her, it is encapsulated by the cultural mastery of the art of living.

I’ve taken ‘the all of that gift’ given to me via all my years in France (by my inquiring, no question),  and I pass it on to you. 

September 2022 in the South of France is for us; a small group of like-minded, light-hearted women who journey together.

Come to Celebrate Life.