Traveling Solo doesn’t necessarily equate to being on your own. It could just be that ‘being on your own’ for so long is motivating you to connect through travel!

Let’s toss in that I’ve grown very fond of – a site dedicated to inspiring and supporting solo travelers as they embark into opening their lives up and visiting whole new worlds.  With a following of tens of thousands, it’s pretty obvious women are taking armchair traveling (virtual), and turning it into reality.

Let’s start here … You’ve finally decided to embark on your own journey to somewhere. Right? That is a solo decision. 

Here comes the question; do you ‘go it alone’ to your destination, or do you find a group you think you’ll mesh with.  

Choices … If you choose to travel solo, perhaps stepping into a journey all by yourself for the very first time, your experiences will still interface and be supported by and with other people who in some way or another, are part of the journey.  

On the other hand, traveling in a group delivers a support crew immediately around you who are already in shared interest — you’re all at the Taj or you’re all in Versailles. You’re all in it together, whatever ‘it’ is. And, this provides a group ‘safety net’ of sorts. Women frequently choose groups for just this reason.

If this is your first journey, then find your comfort level. It’s about the approach. Select your comfort zone — what form/modality/approach supports you in the step you are about to take.  

Then jump!

At this point in my work, and here within the pages of my site, I’ve carved out both options so everyone may find what works for them, feel safe and adventuresome in one fell swoop, and so get the most out of their trip.

Here within LoFT you can choose a boutique tour in France for small groups of women visiting select, desired destinations, or you can choose Travel with an Itinerary if you’re traveling on your own, as a couple, or with a group of friends. 

In fact, I consider having a basic operating structure, an itinerary, for areas (in France) you want to know better, to be a killer option; an under-rated travel tool that goes the extra mile. 

This is so you can guide your own experience but not be out on a limb.

READ THIS to discover more. 

And enjoy your travels here, within the pages of LoFT. 

May they help you in your journey.