Sacred Sites:  From the Cathars to Mary Magdalene, we travel  through  sun-drenched vineyards and discover the mysteries of medieval lands. This tour in the south of France weaves its own tapestry from Toulouse through Provence.

It gives you an opportunity to discover to your heart’s content, all that matters to you, from the region of the Ariége and Mont Segur to Carcassonne, east to Arles, Avignon and the Grotto of Mary Magdalene, perched high in the Great Massif.

What is a sacred site?

It depends on who you talk to.

This tour isn’t about ‘looking for the sacred’ through anyone else’s eyes but your own.

What it IS about is what is sacred to you. Each place we visit, is ripe; full of spiritual history, with the backdrop of unsurpassed natural beauty amidst medieval landscapes.

You will find what you are looking for; discover where you can rest your spirit and listen deeply, reflect on the life being lived.

The south of France is FULL of surprises.

We’ll walk in the footsteps of the doomed medieval gnostics known as the Cathars.

We’ll explore the path taken by Mary Magdalene when she arrived in Gaul after fleeing Palestine in the wake of Christ’s crucifixion.

We’ll stand at the palace from which powerful popes ruled Christendom.

From bountiful village markets to soaring cathedral spires, from breathtaking mountain vistas to ancient Mediterranean beaches, from silent forests and fields to magnificent cityscapes, we’ll explore the richness of this very special place.

On a deeper level, this experience isn’t housed in religions or traditions or history or architecture. Because this journey is defined less by the touching of what was, than by the seeking — and discovery — of what Is … You’ll have the time and space to be with you, to enjoy, and to simple reflect as you go about your day; finding what inspires and enriches you.

Join us as we travel within the bounty of the region, where what is sacred gives back to you a thousandfold what you have been seeking.