PONTORSON is the gateway town one goes through when visiting the Abbey of Mont St Michel.

Can’t get around it!

Wednesday is market day all year ’round, but come spring, it burgeons with all that is French from wheelbarrows overloaded with les artichauts (now a euro each!) to fresh cut flowers, plants for the garden, fromage … on and on, filling your basket to your heart’s content.

Today we found an artist who has lived here for ten years, and is now selling her beautiful art of the abbey as her trade.

You can find that link HERE

And we stumbled upon an atelier on the back street who has been here for years, an artisan, three generations deep, who takes the time to authentically, Napoleonesque-like gold leaf — your ancient treasures to your bottle of parfum.

He encapsulates the gentility of the French culture from top to bottom.

Monsieur Travadon has an open door every Thursday through the summer, so you may see and experience the beauty of his art and craft. His is a story yet to tell.

But in the meantime….consider yourself introduced.