Look thrice, blink twice, is that stone pink? Come around a corner along the west Brittany coastline, like a page in a book turned, and all of the sudden you may wonder if your eyes are deceiving you; the houses are still stacks of stone with slate roofs and shutters freshly painted, but — is that a GLOW? The ‘pink’ is not overt; it is a radiant warm welcome — what the French would call LA CHALEUR – to what is now a famous destination point.

From the cobbled stones on the shoreline to the stone of cottages to the soil itself, it glows.

Our one day road trip took us to a few of the northern most points on the west Brittany coast, including Pointe de l’Arcouest, and further, the ring of coastline from Perros-Guirec to Trégastel.

You can Google your heart out to discover a thousand fold, stock photos of this region of France, and not ever be disappointed. Check our CONTACT page HERE for satellite location!

Better yet?
Come visit!

It is high, rugged coastline that meanders and drops into port villages, cottages sprayed with roses gone wild falling off or clinging to stone walls…tidy streets with colorful displays everywhere.

And the food?
We continued to have great good fortune selecting the perfect dining experience that enhanced our day.

And the magic?