The Normandy Invasion, June 6, 1944, marked the landing of Allied Forces on the D-Day Beaches.

In that concerted effort,  that movement across the continent, the onslaught and sacrifice in Normandy remains a foremost turning page of our global history. It also remains one of the most visited areas of France annually.

Nearly five years ago, on the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, all over France there were massive celebrations — with the greatest concentration of effort in Normandy. Personally, I sat in the sands of the baie of Mont St Michel with a picnic lunch in my lap,  watching the planes rumble overhead. The scene was staggering.

Parachutists falling from the sky around Mont St Michel, re-enactments of battles with troops and battallions moving through Avranches, the bocage of the fields of Normandy on the Brittany border where the first village, St Ouen la Rouerie, was reclaimed — all of this a drop in the sea of events to remember, commemorate, honor — and not forget —  across the lands of France — and the world.

People yearn to walk in the shoes of … to stop at the crosses of … to imagine, to embrace the horrors, to pray, to weep, to intend, to give thanks. Parents bring their children. Children bring their grandchildren. People yearn. The story continues.

The 75th Anniversary marking these world events is not so far away:  June 6, 2019.

That may seem like too far into the future to begin plans, but France is already fully engaged with organizing events, ceremonies, re-enactments — and extending invitations.

It is not too soon to begin talking about it — or to begin planning your journey to France & Europe.

There is ALWAYS a huge swell of visitors each and every summer at the Normandy Beaches. Hotels, gites and chambres d’hotes fill up months ahead of time. But for the 75th? They are filling right now. Reserving accommodations throughout the region, whether a 2-Star in Bayeaux or a chateau in the fields is a good idea, as soon as you know you are going.

To decide where to stay, consider what aspect(s) of your visit  are most important for you … Omaha Beach; Vierville sur Mer? The American Cemetery in Coleville sur Mer? Pont du Hoc? The Canadian spearhead? British? You can dial it in from there.

For the 75th? Those who come to commemorate, remember, and pay homage are laying plans, setting course with their Itinerary, and booking now.

I’d recommend you set course early so you can carve it out according to plan.