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Considered by many as the 8th Wonder of the World, the Abbey of Mont-St-Michel stands formidably off the coast of the Normandy/Brittany border. The last several years have seen a massive restructuring of the water flows at the mouth of the Couesnon River; to bring back the baie to the full estuary it can be, and to create an approach unparalleled for visitors; truly, an extravagant experience of natural wonder.

MILLIONS come yearly as a personal pilgrimage; wanting it to be one of their lifetime’s experiences ‘had’.

Others come to say they’ve been there. And, there are untold numbers of Day Tours to Mont St Michel which fulfill that.

Still others come to experience some of the highest tides in the world that rush in, around the rock and through the baie, a few times a year.

But I’ve discovered there are just as many folks who come to relax into the region for a few days; who stay locally, eat well, and set about exploring this incredible region of France.

So … we have designed a boutique, long-weekend package — any four days of the week — to saturate you.

Explore our LUXE four day getaway weekend to Mont-St-Michel.

Stay in well-appointed accommodations, experience farm-to-table fine dining, travel in comfort, visit the abbey, walk the polders …

To ensure a rich experience, we accept 2-6 people maximum per weekend.

Interested? Contact us directly.