Great French destinations — treasures everywhere — don’t you love the promise of summer? That break-away feeling opens the doors of possibilities we dream about all winter long! And, if we choose to walk through them, the experience of discovery is laid at our feet.

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This summer season finds me targeting specific destinations to ‘write home about’ — all in the midst of tending house & garden in Normandy.

One is an historically wealthy area in the south of France, part of which is in the tour itself — you can find that here — where I’ll be picking freshest market produce, hunting for treasures in the tuckaway shops of small villages, visiting sacred sites and national heritage, jAwe dropping chateaux … another which is the meandering in and around the islands of the Morbihan — getting to know the local brocantes and vide greniers (village flea markets) that are part of the islands’ treasures — all for my Etsy site …

Yet another? French camping — a unique experience beloved by the French, and now me as well.

Visit any French campsite, and you meet the simplistic, kind and respectful world of of ordinary French life. Clean, safe, quiet, immersed in nature, always close to destinations you’re after — it isn’t the first time camping in France nor will it be the last!

I’ll be doing nearly daily tweets with the journey so you can follow the light @lightoffrance.