I’m actually thrilled about this … I’ve been gathering my wares for the little boutique shop I’m opening, and what is thrilling is sharing it with like-mindeds, like-hearteds.

For instance, look: img_0025

This simple copper pot? It’s full of antiquity. Hand-hammered, hand-forged, and old.
I love vintage wares, and as I am pretty immersed in them, I’ve discovered sharing them is more fun than not.

I’ve put wares up in its own shop at light-of-france-tours.myshopify.com, and when you enter you’ll be met with the florabunda of a vintage lifestyle.

Given I’ll be in France half a year annually, there will be more and more to show and share over time. In winter, I hibernate stateside, post wares and visit my home in France vicariously through myself!

You can sign up on that site to be on the mailing list if you want to know when new wares post.
I’ll meet you there.