From the Inside

We are JUST BACK UP here in the gorgeous foothills of the Cascade Mountains, Pacific Northwest … we now live here, AND in France, and follow the Light of France constantly. It is our passion, and as a result, our joy.

Between Toussaint and Now, aside from moving continents, I have met the most wonderful people; a whole crew, en fait, who open the historical elegance of their châteaux, to lovers of France who want to experience the Loire Valley at its finest.

I have personally taken many singular trips around the Loire — from Paris to Versailles, to Chartres, south to Amboise — it is hard to get across the VOLUME of experience available on every level in the Loire …

In hindsight, my own short trips have been disjointed. Fun and remarkable, yet disjointed. I was looking for cohesion … sustained experience of how life IS … enter the Comtesse.

It is wonderful to know her.

I do consider the experience of traveling allows one to gather the pearls, the flows that make it best of best so it can be offered to others. And that’s what we’ve done with this. We’ve gathered the pearls, put them on a string, closed the circle with a golden clasp, and wrapped them in a box called Loire Valley Châteaux Tour — for you.

If you go HERE or visit our Map Your Tours & Contact page,
you’ll begin to discover your tour.

à bientôt!