Planning to Travel France in 2021? Explore a thoughtfully crafted Itinerary for a Week in France.

We know how to take you where you want to go.

Given the 2020 cloud of corona that has us all sitting in armchairs, at best, I decided to create a form to help people start planning for 2021, not so far away on the horizon. I’m rolling out five-six itineraries to start, including Normandy, Brittany, the South of France westerly, the South of France easterly, and Chateaux of the Loire. And, I’ll be bundling two as one with Normandy/Brittany and the South of France.

Save the time & trouble of guessingYou’ll have what you’re after: a memorable experience, not one riddled with challenges, frustrations and cope — all time-wasters.

Start planning! With over 20+ pages full of links, how to book where, photos, tips and a fully detailed itinerary for your journey, you can now browse and choose for your targeted destination in a downloadable PDF form on our site’s SHOP.

Each one includes all details for recommended accommodations & restaurants from creperies to chateau dining, travel to and from, outstanding destinations to visit from wherever you station yourselves for the week, on-the-ground go-to maps, off the beaten track haunts to put you in touch with local life, and last but not least, hot insider tips for your journey.

If you’re targeting elsewhere in France, check out a Custom Designed Itinerary for your destination.

Each selection includes everything you need right at your fingertips to book and take your trip.
What is your budget? Each itinerary has an array of choices, from 2-Star hotels to chateaux. The same is true for where to eat! Always on the hunt for a great food (France is very proud of their eats, no matter what level of dining), I’ve found many to recommend, including options from gastronomique, fine-dining to locally popular brasseries and creperies. What’s your mood? You pick. Just know, all recommendations are quality-driven and French-authentic so you can relax and enjoy what the culture loves to offer you.

Last but not least, creating itineraries whether these ‘fixed’ options or a custom-designed one, is right up my alley.

I love helping you save face and have grace for the journey you are planning into the ancient lands of France.