Helping You Get Where You Want to Go

Perhaps you’d like to travel France without a personal guide (sans guide) but you want ‘a basic bones structure’ to have in hand, a French Fixed Itinerary, dialed in for your dates and desires. You can step out of armchair traveling and into France 2021 with a growing excitement and a roadmap to take you to and through everything your heart desires.

Start Now!

Here ‘in the meantime’ with corona taking the mortar out of each and every step of our 2020 travel plans, it is time to broaden horizons and set course.

Many tours offer ways to book-in for 2021 that won’t break the bank or bring financial loss, and at the same time will ensure you can begin to fulfill your dreams.

But what about traveling without a tour guide? You want the freedom, independence, spontaneity to go right instead of left?

A great option?

A Custom-Built French Fixed Itinerary.

An early adopter on the web to this approach was and is

Check them out for around the world destinations if you want to have ‘something’ to work with instead of arriving cold.

En fait, I have a 2-Night Fixed Itinerary available on Unanchor for Mont St Michel!

But what if you want more; want a deeper dive; logistics, accommodations, train schedules, tips and hints about traveling in France ~ and someone to call on with

questions about aspects of your trip.

I’ve dedicated a whole portion of what I love, love, love, to just this: creating for you, a personal, detailed, fixed itinerary. Wherever in France you want to go, it’s a choice that’s worked well for many folks. Daily structures and schedules to work with, how-to get no-wait tickets, where the links are, can save so much valuable time and put your journey into place with grace.

It adds to the pot of ‘nothing to lose’ and so much to gain. HERE is the yellow brick road.