South of France: Retreat for Women Only 


Gifting you a Once in a Lifetime Immersive Experience

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This ‘retreat’ or ‘time with self’ is multifaceted. From the beauty of the land to the regional cuisine; from the spiritual history to the sacred, you will find your place in a space that is all yours to have.

What can you allow?

Remember … This isn’t about finding ‘Her’ outside of you. This journey is about You and reflections of just that.

For 11 days and 11 nights, starting at the edge of the Ariège in the Occitanie, we are instantly immersed in the history of the Cathars; Albi, Carcassonne, and Mont Segur. From there we head east slowly but surely to ancient Arles and the Camargue … on to Avignon … with the final destination of St Maximin Ste Baume, where sits perched high in the Great Massif, a  renowned grotto — home to Mary Magdalene the last 30 years of her life.

We don’t ‘pack it in and check it off’ ~ we slow it down and immerse to receive the bounty of the offerings. They are everywhere. Some will be yours, some for the woman standing next to you. You will tuck yours away inside your heart and rely on it as life unfolds going forward.

This journey through the heart of France weaves time, space and grace into the itinerary so you may truly relax and enjoy.



03 – 13 May 2024 


The 11/11 days do not include Day ZERO or Day TWELVE.

These are your entry and exit dates from the tour itself. Plan buffer time on either side — first so you are through jet lag before we begin, and last — to have a little time to just Be with you.

You’ll arrive in Toulouse LATEST by 02 May, Day Zero, and depart Avignon EARLIEST 14 May 2024, Day Twelve.

Your Journey Includes:

  • In-country travel structure within retreat, entry and guide fees for our destinations.
  • Impromptu gatherings to share the historical significances of each location, if you choose in.
  • All lodging and accommodations including country French homes and charming hotels.
  • All breakfasts, 1-2 picnic lunches, and eight regional cuisine dinners, including table wines.
  • Frequent in-house laundry facilities.

What You Provide:

*Travel (including to Toulouse and return from Avignon), Evacuation and Accident Insurance. It’s required.

*Up-to-date Covid Proof of Vaccination

* Spending monies & arrangements for travel and accommodations before & after (to Paris and upon return after Avignon).

*Monies for meals not included.

*Most lunches.

*Trekking poles, if desired, and good traction walking shoes for dusty  paths and cobblestones.

*Cell phone that works internationally.


FRIDAY/03 May/DAY ONE: Toulouse – Mirepoix

After petit déjeuner in Toulouse, we will head to our accommodation in a private French home secured for this first part of our journey, so we may experience first-hand, the heartland of the Cathars.

You and your traveling companions will be together in a spacious, well-equipped home complete with full kitchen, so feel free to make coffee, tea, or snacks when you like. Make yourself comfortable; we’ll be staying here for the next four nights.

We may visit a local grocery store so you can pick up personal food items outside of what’s offered, but other than that, time is yours to settle in before dinner, and rest.

Late afternoon we come ‘home’ for a meal of fresh regional cuisine, prepared by our hosts – and local chefs.

19.00 In-House Chef Dining

SATURDAY/04 May/DAY TWO: Carcassonne

First thing after pet dej, we will visit Carcassonne, where you may take your pick of where to eat lunch.

Afternoon is dedicated to a chateau tour, walking and enjoying this extraordinary place.

Late afternoon we come home for a meal of fresh regional cuisine, prepared by our hosts.

19.00 In-House Chef Dining

SUNDAY/05 May/DAY THREE: Mont Segur

Today is dedicated to Mont Segur. Not the last holdout of the Cathars, but the one that sealed the fate and destiny of the sect, and historically revealed the power play between church and state; one that shifted the course of history.

It’s a climb to the top; not serious but surely walking shoes and perhaps walking sticks, a plus. And, it’s worth the climb!

A picnic/pack lunch is included this day at the top.

Returning in the late afternoon to our abode, we will again enjoy twilight over the vineyards, and perhaps an evening swim …

19:00 In-House Chef Dining


First thing after pet dej, we will spend the entire morning exploring one of the oldest arcaded market squares in all of France: medieval Mirepoix. Monday is market day here, so prepare to be saturated. 

Lunch at your cafe of choice. The square is full of choices.

Visit the cathedral, stop for a cafe, shop —the day is yours.

Return late afternoon to our accommodation.

19:00 Gastronomique French Cuisine of Mirepoix


We depart first thing after breakfast, and head east to Avignon, where we will check into a comfortable, quintessential French hotel just off the square of the Palace of the Popes.

Here, enchantment awaits you; you can walk the town, enjoy lunch, and after lunch, we will gather for a simple train tour of centre ville that meanders through the ancient cobblestoned part of the city, and drops you back in the center square. It will give you the lay of the land.

The day is all yours to explore, including where to dine for lunch and dinner. 


After breakfast, we will go into Avignon for a privately arranged group tour, after which you are free to explore the sites; to discover amazing boutique shops, open markets, street artists selling their wares — and to drink the culture this beautiful city offers.

Lunch and dinner/evening all yours.


From Avignon, we continue our trek east to Arles, where we will be stationed for two nights in centre ville, across from the Roman amphitheater. Lunch is all yours whether a picnic you gather —you are a stone’s throw from the Rhone River — or a brasserie that catches your eye. You will have the afternoon to feast on old Europe, walk the ancient town, visit the gardens of van Gogh – perhaps stumble into an unexpected surprise – there are many here.

We will dine together locally in ancient Arles.

FRIDAY/10 MAY/DAY EIGHT: Arles, the Camargue & Saintes Maries a la Mer

First breakfast, then we are on our way south for the day, to and through the Camargue, an historical and agriculturally wealthy region, where we will visit Saintes Maries a la Mer, an energetically-charged coastal area of the Mediterranean.

Steeped in spiritual history, this was Mary Magdalene’s port of entry into France, where you can now spend time in the Chapel of the Black Madonna, put your feet in the waters of the Mediterranean, sit on the beach, swim, and ponder the deep history, as well as the natural beauty.

We will return to Arles mid-afternoon.

Lunch is all yours in Stes Maries.

19.00 French Cuisine of  Arles

SATURDAY/11 MAY/DAY NINE: St Maximin Ste Baume

This morning we depart Arles, en route to St Maximin Ste Baume, home of Mary Magdalene for the last thirty years of her life.

We will settle into private accommodations full of lavender, orchards of olives and fields of poppies, all against the backdrop of never-ending vineyards.

Once situated, we’ll go into the small town of St Maximum for a walkabout, including the ancient Basilica of Mary Magdalene.

Here rest the relics of Mary Magdalene.

Lunch is yours to discover.

Late-afternoon, we will return to our accommodations for rest and leisure activities — swimming, sunning, sauna, relaxing, all before our evening meal.

19.00 In-House Chef Dining

SUNDAY/12 MAY/DAY TEN: St Max Ste Baume

Today, we depart for the Great Massif, a short distance away, to take in the well-trodden path to the cave of Mary Magdalene — the Grotto.

We will spend the day here. Weather permitting, you can hike just a little higher to the top of the Massif that provides you stunning 360 degree views of the region.

This is not a difficult climb. It is a good healthy hike, well carved out, and a little steep at times but there are resting benches along the way, all under the umbrella of the trees of the mountain. It is a leisurely 45-60 minutes hike to the grotto.

A picnic lunch will be provided.

Return to accommodations late-afternoon.

19.00 In-house Chef Dining


After pet dej, there’s an opportunity to visit local olive orchards and vineyards for a late morning last jaunt out.

Or you may choose to simply stay put, organize for the next leg of your journey, and enjoy the leisure of our accommodations.

At your disposal is a pool, private & hammam spa, with massage availability.

19.00 Final Fine Dine

Under the guiding light of the full moon, our final meal, located in a medieval monastery, is the courtyard garden restaurant of Alain Ducasse.


Closing breakfast, bidding adieu with new friends in the pocket of your heart, and a treasure of life to take home with you.

You will be returned to Avignon to DEPART Train à Grande Vitesse to Paris!


Initial Earnest Deposit: $500.

Total retreat cost: $5,600.

Single Occupancy: + $400.

Are you a Mother/Daughter combo? Shared room, you will receive a $600 discount on the total due.

We will send you an application/checklist form to fill out, sign and return.

Upon acceptance, you’ll have 72 hours to forward your Earnest Initial $500 Deposit.

This secures your place.

Payments after that reduce to the following:

First deposit: $1,700 due 90 days prior.

Second deposit: $1,700 due 60 days prior.

Third deposit: $1,700 due 30 days prior.

Single Occupancy: $400 due 30 days prior.

All deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to the next-scheduled or privately arranged tour.

If there is availability, and you are booking within 90 days of the journey, full payment is required at the time of booking.

You may forward your payments via Wise or personal check drawn on a U.S. bank.

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