Right here, right now, you can set course, mark your calendar, and take care of all the peripheral details. Then grab that ubiquitous mask and soon be on your way to your coveted destination! You’re leavin’ on a jet plane!

Are you ready to put travel back into your future? With any one of our six One-Week or 7-Day Itineraries now published and in-house/online, I’m thrilled to announce they are available here at LoFT so you may seamlessly begin your next trip. Consider it a kickstart.

You can avoid so many mistakes, and in the end spend less and travel more, enjoying the journey which is what you intended at the outset.

Where do we take you? There are four one-week itineraries: Normandy, Brittany, South of France: Toulouse to Carcassonne, and South of France: Avignon to St Maximin Ste Baume. As well, there are two bundled itineraries for a two week trip: Normandy/Brittany, and Toulouse/St Maximin Ste Baume.

Packed full of links, how to book where, photos, tips, and maps, you can browse the itinerary in a downloadable PDF to print out & start planning, and to carry with you on your trip.

Take a peek, scroll through and choose from any of our Itineraries, all on the same page.