It’s kind of amazing to be sitting here at my desk in this oh, so long and challenging year, to look back at all it took to create this site — all the streams that follow the light of France and come together right here. Each and every stream is an absolute joy, effervescing from what I am so passionate about: sharing France with you.  This includes My Vide Grenier, just one little aspect of the dream realized, thanks to Jet of Ghent. Who knew!
Finding treasures that become your touchstones to France, all available here in My Vide Grenier (new page posting this week) … carving out six one-week itineraries to help guide you on your way through France, all in Shop Itineraries, and last but not least, walking/mapping out bespoke Boutique Tours of Normandy, Brittany and the South of France.
One of the things I’ve noticed in pulling this together over all these years, is there are a few ever-present common denominators:  the gracious people I’ve met along the way, the necessity to slow things down so time nearly stands still, and of course the food.
I laugh these days because nearly all pieces I write come back to food … Where to eat. Fresh market picks. Brasseries worth their weight. Impeccable service. Michelin art of the table. Slow dining. A prideful culture.
When you walk these miles, climb these hills, sit at these tables and sleep in these guest rooms, we will be 
sharing la joie de vivre. If you’ve found us, it’s what we have in common.
Live With What You Love. 

follow the light of france