It’s a recurring dream come true. After 20+ years of flying in and out of Paris, what I notice about myself is this: when I land, where can I wrap myself in the warm ambiance of a restaurant I love for a nightcap, or treat myself to a fine meal.

So I’m in a constant gathering of what places, where.

France: Paris

For instance, when I decide to stay in Paris longer than a transfer, I book into a favorite place on rue Cler in the 7th. Walking the cobblestones on rue Cler in the euphoria of jet lag, no matter what the season or weather, is home port for me in Paris.

And there, I eat up on the corner at Cafe CENTRAL.
Went in for ‘just’ a bowl of French Onion Soup to call it a day, avec une pichet de vin rouge, and the table set for just that?


France: Brittany

When I transfer straight out of Paris, I hop on a TGV right at the Aeroport CDG to my frequent home-destination of Rennes.

And there, I eat at Le Galopin.
It’s pretty much a fine Parisian brasserie, if you want to call it that, in Rennes!

I go there after a long, long journey and unwind over a three course meal in the company of others who love the pleasure of dining.

It’s a good practice, to know and build your home away from home treasure/pleasure spots so you can dive right in to the culture you know is there for the asking …