Bonjour! Welcome to Light of France Tours – LOFT.
In these pages we discover that light, and follow its reflections in the land, the food, architecture, history and culture — offering you a mesmerizing palette of treasures.

In 1995, I had my first trip from Belgium into France. Amazed by the gorgeous landscape, I said to my friend, “Look at the light here! Where are we?”
He smiled and said, “We just crossed into a special place. It is always said here,‘There is so much light in France.’”
Thus began my love affair with what has become my adoptive country. I quickly realized I was not keeping this passion to myself… I began organizing trips composed of small groups to pursue the magnificent splendor of Chartres Cathedral, nestled one hour south of Paris.
Then in 2004, I found a home in the countryside on the Normandy/Brittany border, and, with my husband, became immersed in the wealth of culture and endless beauty everywhere.

It is in this way, the Light of France Tours were born.
The tours are boutique in style, composed of a MAX of 8 people, including your guide or two — which means your group is 4-6 people — did I say max? The small group makes a world of difference. Everyone travels lightly in a comfortable touring van; only one carry-on case allowed.
The tours are designed with no rush in mind, as is so common with larger, conventional tours. We take our time to savor the area and the ambiance of the selected sites. Everyday ends with gatherings around the table where we dine, share and reflect on the beauty of our surroundings. It’s wholly integrative.
We stay in lovely French homes and inns which feature regional cuisine, prepared by artisanal local chefs. In the Paris North Tour we peak your experience with a chateau stay. The food, the accommodations, the richness of le terroir — the character of the land; it all creates a depth of experience to enrich your journey.
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