What a Day.

Tour de France time trials flew through the neighboring village of Juilley yesterday.
Up and down the country roads endlessly, all throughout France for these three weeks, folks and families set up camp, park RVs, bring beach chairs, picnics, coolers and sunbrellas to BE THERE for the day. French, German, Dutch, English — Americans — the whole world comes to be a part of it — and we all line the streets, from one end of the country to the other!

En fait, in one private driveway, a large cardboard box was built to shade a large digital screen, so a group of at least 20 men gathered, could watch the TV camera coverage at the same time!

As we walked toward the center of the village, the crowds cheer with each solo cyclist passing them by.
This goes on all day like waves on the shore; wherever they are weaving their way along the Tour’s path — roars can be heard through the countryside as the Tour powers through.

They paced about a minute apart. First, the gendarme blows the whistle so people clear out of the way, a motorcycle is next ensuring the road is clear, then by about 10 seconds, there he is.

Pure brawn.

Behind each athlete follows three or four cars full of crew, sponsors and friends, all on their own mesmerizing ride through France.
As local rock & roll, rhythm & blues was quaking in the background as each one powered by, the bright red beer tents — les buvettes — were open for business and the day just kept rolling along.