Toulouse-to-Carcassonne or Avignon-to-St Max? You choose!

To experience the South of France, you’ll want to slow down and smell the roses … and cheeses … and fields … and because of that, we’ve changed our tune! Not because of France, mind you, but because of YOU.

Feedback and suggestions are always listened to here at LoFT, and as a result we’re streamlining packages to absorb the regions — under separate tours.

There are two 6 Night tours for the South of France, with the possibility of the Extravaganza of doing both, back to back.

* A 6-Night South of France Tour that begins in Toulouse, and circles west and south before coming full circle back through Carcassonne.

We visit tiny villages and ancient towns: Fanjeaux, Bram, Foix, all radiating from three nights in medieval Mirepoix … we head south to take in the extraordinary history of Mont Segur … all before we travel on to Carcassonne.

You can find it HERE

* A 6-Night South of France Tour that begins in Avignon, and circles south to Arles then to points as far east as St Maximin Ste Baume.

This tour takes us into such ancient lands and spiritual history. Staying in Avignon, we travel east to Arles, south into the Camargue and the Mediterranean Sea. From there, we head east into the magic of St Maximin Ste Baume, steeped in the aromas and arid landscapes of Provence.

You can find it HERE

Each of these, is essentially a half of the 13/13 original South of France from Paris to Provence Tour, one heading south and west, the other south and east.

The third choice, combines these two, back to back, with a day in between to transfer.

Originally, as wonderful as it is, the 13/13 included ‘joint’ accommodations — or gites in the countryside.

Everything about that WORKS for a group traveling together.
And, you can inquire if you have a group of 6-8.
But individuals and couples who want standard privacy of their own hotel room, find it a little ‘too accommodating’. So we’ve ‘sussed out’ perfect hotels and restaurants that become part of your experience in the south of France.

For all three tours, the bar has been raised, the standard set for 3-4 Star hotels that fulfill — and exceed — expectations.

The new tour destinations, itineraries and costs will be posted this week for you!

Bon Voyage!
— ani