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‘I’m interested in the stories of Mary Magdalene; can you help direct me?’

Look at it this way; what if YOUR country happened to host, over 2,000 years ago, the landing on its shores of Mary. Mary Magdalene. After the crucifixion of Christ.

That is a big hello, don’t you think?

Would you honor that landing?
Would you keep the light of it shining?

In France? It’s laissez faire.

It is something that doesn’t go away, and something that doesn’t need attention brought to it — because it just is what it is.

It is a force irreconcilable.

Come to France and you will discover Her everywhere.

Journey to the South?

All the reading and research you have done, the historical referencing, the spiritual history of France, combined with the embrace of possibilities, may leave you to wonder what is true and what is not.

You could meet Her in the ways only the heart knows.

Every heart being uniquely you, this translates into, whatever you’re there for, whether gastronomy, history, landscape, architecture, French country living in Provence, or the stories of Mary Magdalene — all of it is right there.

France is full of ripened fruit all around the same theme; the light of Mary. It’s a silent light; one you may or may not acknowledge the presence of — it doesn’t matter.

From the Virgin Mary, the Cathedrals of Notre Dame, the Black Madonna revered annually in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the Basilica of Mary Magdalene in St Maximin Ste Baume, or a pilgrimage climb to the top of the Great Massif to visit the Grotto, you are in the land where myths casually meet the road.

As true as it is, that the French are laissez faire about All That Is Mary, perhaps it is just that which allows one to ponder the ineffable, and reconcile, after all, some discrepancies.